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REPORT: Fox Boss Lachlan Murdock Privately Criticizes Trump

A new report indicates that in private Fox Corp Chief Executive Officer Lachlan Murdoch criticizes Trump, CNN Business reports.

Specifically at issue is the way Trump behaves. He finds it so bad that he thinks if Trump’s runs for president in 2024, CNN says.

Sources which CNN does not name, state that Murdoch sees supporting Trump as good for business and because of that will continue to publicly do so.

Fox declined comment to CNN but CNN opines that the loyalty to Trump from Fox is evidence of this despite reports that privately the Murdoch’s, who own the Wall Street Journal and The New York Post, have soured on Trump.

What CNN fails to mention is that Fox has reportedly distanced itself from Trump. He hasn’t appeared on the network in over 100 days.

Trump has even complained that his longtime friend Sean Hannity doesn’t seem to be paying attention to him anymore.

CNN appears to be making a divergence between Fox coverage and the feelings of the Murdochs. But it appears they could be one in the same.

AsTrump’s popularity grows heading into 2024, the path that Fox takes will become even more evident.

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