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CNN Anchor Signs Off

CNN weekend anchor of “New Day”, Christi Paul has officially signed off, Mediaite reports.

The emotional sign off came on Sunday morning and it is reported she is returning to Ohio for a new gig.

She cited her husbands battle with Covid in 2020 coupled with the distance both were from their parents ass the motivating factor.

In a statement Paul said:

I love these people. I love this place. I am so grateful and I’m so tired. I’m so exhausted. We’re up between 1:00 and 2:00 every Saturday and Sunday. And I just could not be who I needed to be for my family, is what it really came down to.

I was tired of being tired and…let’s be honest, the work we do is important, the work you do is important, wherever you go, whatever you do, every day, it is important work, but at the end of the day, somebody’s going to sit in the seat and I’m going to leave and the show will go on as it should.

But nobody else is going to be my kids’ mom. And nobody else is going to be my husband’s wife or my parents’ children, and I need to be fully present there.

Paul has not given details about her new job but said details would be coming soon.

You can watch her resignation HERE.

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