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House GOP Tells Biden to Let People Be Free; The Big IRS Screwup; Three Indicted Over Campaign Finance Scheme

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House GOP Tells Biden to Let People Be Free from Covid Restrictions

Fox News broke the story by obtaining a memo from the House GOP.

Per Fox News:

“A group of 76 House Republicans called on President Biden Thursday to lift the coronavirus pandemic-related emergency powers and establish a plan to “get American back to normal.”

In a letter first obtained by Fox News Digital, House Energy and Commerce Ranking Member Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., said it was time for the White House to take a lead in planning for a future where COVID-19 is recognized as a common respiratory virus rather than an infection that can be “beat” – an assertion the president maintained during his campaign.”

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SHOCKING: IRS Loses $400 Million Over Broken Mail Machines

The IRS appears to not be able to do it’s most basic core function.

Per the Washington Times:

“The IRS cost the government more than $400 million over the last three years because it didn’t bother to fix broken mail machines, the agency’s inspector general said in a new report Thursday.

The machines are supposed to automatically identify which envelopes contain payments to Uncle Sam, so they can be quickly processed and deposited.

But the 20-year-old machines are in such disrepair that they kept missing envelopes with remitted payments. Employees shut them off and resorted to looking for payments by hand — a much slower process.”

Read more at Washington Times.

Three Indicted Over Illegal Donation Scheme

Three defense contractors are being indicted over a scheme to illegally donate to Senator Susan Collins campaign.

Per The Hill:

“Three former executives for a defense contractor were indicted on Thursday following an investigation into an alleged scheme to illegally make donations to Republican Sen. Susan Collins‘s (Maine) campaign and a political action committee (PAC) supporting her during her 2020 reelection bid.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) said in a press release that Martin KaoClifford Chen and Lawrence “Kahele” Lum Kee, all of whom the department said were employed by a defense contractor prohibited from making contributions in federal elections, had been indicted for allegedly making unlawful campaign contributions to a candidate for Congress and a PAC.”

Read more at The Hill.


Russia Continues to Send Troops to Ukraine Border

According to a report from Newsmax:

The Pentagon on Wednesday said that they had seen Russia continue to send additional military capabilities along the border with Ukraine and in Belarus within the last 24 hours.

Read more at Newsmax.


NBC Olympic Ratings Bad…Historically Terrible

According to Washington Post:

The TV ratings for the Winter Olympics in Beijing aren’t just bad — they’re historically terrible.

That’s certainly not what NBC had in mind when it paid a few billion dollars to the International Olympic Committee for the exclusive rights to broadcast these and future Games in the United States.

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