DeSantis Sets Record Straight; China Fuming Over New Deals

Desantis Sets Rumor Straight About “Trump Feud”

Fox News sat down with an exclusive interview with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis where he set the record straight on the alleged feud between him and President Trump. In the interview he calls the feud “total bunk”.

Per Fox News:

“Donald Trump’s a friend of mine. He is proud when people do well, and it’s not just me, but obviously he’s a Florida resident, and he appreciates the job that we’ve done. He’s told me that many times, not only with helping with the election, but just how we govern the state.”

“He wants to see Republicans doing well,” DeSantis continued. “And I think when media is trying to act like he’s upset at me for doing well, I think that’s total bunk. I think they’re just making it up. And I think he’s somebody that wants to see, you know, not just Republicans do well, but people that are actually going to stand and fight do well across the board. Obviously, Florida is an important state, the third-largest state in the country, and really us and Texas are the two biggest states that have sizable Republican footprints, and so we’re proud of that, and we’re going to keep it going.”

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China Fuming over $100 Million Missile Deal

A new Patriot missile deal between the US and Taiwan has China fuming.

According to Washington Times:

The Biden administration has signed off on a $100 million deal with Taiwan to boost its missile defense capabilities, sparking an angry reaction from the Chinese government Tuesday.

China, which considers the island democracy part of its sovereign territory and has vowed one day to reclaim it, said Tuesday it would take “powerful countermeasures” after the Biden administration announced the deal, the first arms sale to Taiwan of 2022 and the second since Mr. Biden took office a year ago.

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Top GOP Officials Launching Investigation

Some top GOP officials are launching an investigation into online fundraising platform GoFundMe after the company decided to hold back donations made to “Freedom Convoy 2022”.

The funds for “Freedom Convoy 2022” were donated to support the Canadian Truckers and their supporters who are protesting Covid restrictions in Canada. The protestors have caused traffic disruptions in some city streets and highways.

Some of the GOP officials who have launched the investigation include, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Attorney Generals from West Virginia and Louisiana.

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Chris Wallace Feels Like He’s Been “Stiffed” by CNN

Chris Wallace, the former host of Fox News Sunday who left the network for CNN, feels like he’s been stiffed by his new employer.

Per Newsmax:

Wallace is reportedly left “irate” about CNN’s unraveling before his new streaming venture has taken shape.

“Chris is the type of person who makes it known if he doesn’t like something,” a source told Radar. “He went over there for Zucker and now Zucker is gone.

“Wallace feels that he has been stiffed. He’s got no staff, no Executive Producer and the guy he gave up a prized gig for has just walked out the door.” [CONTINUE READING at NEWSMAX]

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