President Joe Biden departs the U.S. Capitol after speaking at the House Democratic Caucus meeting, Thursday, October 28, 2021. (Official White House Photo by Cameron Smith)

Biden is Sending the Troops; Trump Hosts Huge Rally; The Biden Admin Grand Traffic Cam Plan


Biden Sending Troops to Eastern Europe

On Friday, President Biden said he will be sending troops to Eastern Europe amid tensions between Ukraine and Russia. He has said he will send “not a lot” of troops to the region. Currently 8,500 troops are on heightened alert for delployment. (Forbes)

Trump Hosts Save America Rally in Texas

Former President Trump held a rally in Conroe, TX Saturday evening. During his heavily attended rally, Trump commented on the people who stormed the U.S. Capitol last year:

“If I run and if I win, we will treat those people from January 6 fairly. We will treat them fairly. And if it requires pardons we will give them pardons because they are being treated so unfairly,” said Trump. (KHOU 11)

Biden Admin’s Traffic Cam Plan 

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg unveiled a 42-page “road safety plan” on Thursday that promotes the use of “speed safety cameras”. Critics claim it’s a “misuse” of funds and Fox News host Tucker Calrson said “you’re about to get a lot more speeding tickets from robots.” (Daily Mail)


Massive Subsidies Won’t Solve the Semiconductor Supply Chain Crisis

On the same day that the White House kick-started an effort to get Congress to approve billions in new subsidies for American chipmakers, and the Commerce Department published a long-awaited report on the status of semiconductor supply chains, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo put an exclamation point on the whole thing.

“It’s a crisis,” Raimondo told Yahoo Finance. “What we need is to make more chips in America.”


Biden proposes saddling an already struggling Federal Reserve with two political activists

George Will: “Today’s Federal Reserve illustrates this axiom: When a government entity cannot, or would rather not, adequately perform its primary function, or when it feels that its primary function is insufficiently grand, the agency will expand its mission, thereby distracting attention from its core inadequacy.” (WaPo)

Two Choices in Ukraine

William Courtney & Khrystyna Holynska: “Facing existential risk, Ukraine may consider unprecedented steps. Urgent measures might help it protect against a Russian invasion. If the immediate threat were to ebb, Ukraine might use the time gained to prepare for potential future threats.” (The Hill)

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